Phonological Awareness

What is it?

Phonological awareness is a collection of foundational sound skills that are required to read and spell effectively. Children who have difficulty with phonological awareness may have difficulty with either recognizing or producing rhyme, breaking a sentence down into words, breaking down a word into syllables (computer becomes com-pu-ter), identifying the beginning, middle, or ending sounds in words, and blending sounds together (ex. c-a-t says cat).

What does it look like?

Research shows that explicitly targeting phonological awareness skills provides children with the necessary foundation for developing reading and writing skills. We will work with you and your child to develop essential phonological awareness such as rhyming, breaking words apart into syllables and sounds, and blending sounds together. Oxford Speech Plus also offers summer camps that focus on phonological awareness development. Speech-language pathologists at Oxford Speech Plus excel in making therapy both educational and enjoyable for your child. If you think your child could benefit from phonological awareness intervention, call Oxford Speech Plus to book an assessment or therapy session.

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