What is it?

Communication involves both the ability to use (expressive) and understand (receptive) language. Children who have difficulty with language may be slower to talk, have challenges with expressing their ideas or feelings, using correct grammar (ex. “She is walk”), using correct pronouns (he vs. she vs. him vs. her), following directions, and/or understanding what is being said to them.

What does it look like?

Early intervention is essential for children who are struggling with language. We will work directly with you and your child to improve the language concepts that they are struggling with. A play/game based approach to intervention is often taken for children struggling with language. During play, language is modelled and feedback is provided regularly in order for your child to master new language skills. The team at Oxford Speech Plus excel in making therapy both educational and enjoyable for your child. If you think your child is having difficulty with language, call Oxford Speech Plus to book an assessment or therapy session.

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