What is it?

A fluency disorder, also known as stuttering, is a difficulty in producing smooth and fluid speech. People who stutter experience interruptions in their flow of speech. These may include prolonging some sounds (ex. sssssssssstar), repeating sounds in words (b-b-b-b-b-bat), repeating full words (ex. “But, but, but, but I like it”), or stopping airflow on some sounds. Some people may also show signs of physical tension such as eye blinking or facial grimaces while stuttering.

What does it look like?

Our therapy team at Oxford Speech Plus can work with you and your child on a variety of research based interventions to enhance fluent speech. Children who stutter may find it stressful or scary to communicate at home and school. Our therapists can work with you and your child to reduce fears around communication, increase communication confidence, and provide fluency enhancing strategies. The therapists at Oxford Speech Plus excel in making therapy both educational and enjoyable for your child. Research indicates that play-based therapy interventions stimulates learning and motivates little ones and reluctant learners. If you think your child has a fluency disorder, call Oxford Speech Plus to book an assessment or therapy session.

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