What is it?

Although highly individualized, people with autism experience challenges with communication and social skills. People with autism may have difficulty having conversations, managing emotions, taking the perspective of others, or may not talk at all. People with autism may also have difficulty learning or producing words, understanding spoken words or non-verbal communication (ex. facial expressions), providing too much or not enough information in conversation, and/or taking turns in conversation. Social skills and reading comprehension challenges are also common for people with autism.

What does it look like?

Therapy for autism is highly individualized and will be based on specific needs in social communication, reading comprehension, and language. Speech-language pathologists at Oxford Speech Plus are trained in Hanen’s More Than Words therapy program to improve social communication and play skills and Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS), a method of communication for children who are non-verbal. Speech-language pathologists at Oxford Speech Plus excel in making therapy both educational and enjoyable for your child. Research indicates that play based therapy interventions stimulate learning and motivate little ones and reluctant learners. If you think your child is experiencing difficulty with communication as related to an autism diagnosis, call Oxford Speech Plus to book an assessment or therapy session.

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