What is it?

We use our voice box, lips, teeth, tongue, and parts of our throat to make the sounds we use for speech. An articulation delay or speech sound disorder is a difficulty in producing speech sounds correctly. Children with an articulation delay or speech sound disorder may leave sounds off of words (ex. kite may become ki or snake becomes nake) or exchange one sound for another sound (ex. cat may become tat or chair becomes tair). Distortions to speech sounds (i.e. a lisp) are also considered to be an articulation disorder. Articulation delays or speech sound disorders may have a significant impact on your child’s ability to be understood. Early intervention from a speech therapist is key to improving your child’s communication.

What does it look like?

The team of therapists at Oxford Speech Plus excel in making therapy both educational and enjoyable for your child. Research indicates that children learn best through games and play. Articulation therapy may involve learning to produce individual sounds correctly, learning to identify correct and incorrect sound productions, and practicing sounds in different words and sentences. Call Oxford Speech Plus to book an assessment or therapy visit if you think your child has an articulation delay or speech sound disorder.

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