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One-to-One Assessment & Therapy

At Oxford Speech Plus, we offer direct one-on-one assessment and treatment at both of our clinic locations.


Initial assessments allow the Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) to gather speech, language and/or literacy information in order to set goals and design a therapy plan. This initial assessment can either be informal or formal in nature:


A formal assessment involves the use of a standardized test to determine the presence/absence and/or severity of a speech, language, or literacy concern which may be requested by a parent, doctor or school. Formal assessments could take up to 3 hours of face-to-face time and often require more than one session to complete. SLPs at Oxford Speech Plus are able to write an optional, comprehensive report to share with your educational or healthcare team.


Alternatively, an informal assessment allows the SLP to observe your child’s speech, language, behavior, attention, memory, executive functioning, motor, and social skills in a natural context. A variety of toys, books, and games are used to gather this information. An informal assessment generally takes one hour to complete and includes a one page goal setting report.


Once an assessment has been completed and speech, language and/or literacy goals have been established, your child is ready to begin one-to-one therapy sessions. Working individually with children allows us to maximize their potential and work on their personal and specific goals. Individual therapy allows us to focus on the child’s interests and strengths while targeting their specific areas of need. In an individualized therapy program, therapists are also able to consult with parents on a continuous basis and provide comprehensive home programming to work on speech and language goals outside of the clinic setting. Individual therapy allows our SLPs to build a trusting and lasting rapport with you and your child to ensure the best possible outcomes. We also place importance on incorporating caregivers and family in therapy, as well as collaborating with other healthcare and educational providers.

Social Skills Groups

At Oxford Speech Plus, we offer social skills groups for varying age groups called “Let’s Be Social”. These groups involve explicit teaching of new social language skills prior to practicing them in real world conversations and contexts with peers. All groups are facilitated by registered Speech-Language Pathologists.


Registration for our next session of Let’s Be Social Groups is now OPEN! Please take a look at the flyer attached and email us at: info@oxfordspeechplus.ca to enroll your child.

Let's Be

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Summer Camp Programming

Summer 2023 Camp Sessions are NOW Available!


Campers will have fun learning and interacting with similar aged peers within a variety of activities based on weekly themes. All skills will be practiced within small and large group activities while maintaining a 2:1 client to therapist ratio.


Please see flyers below (clickable button under ‘Contact Us’) regarding our 4 camp opportunities for your child. If you would like to register, please complete the following form.


  • Request-it Plus: July 10-14th 8:30-11:00 am (Tillsonburg)
    • Request-it Plus is designed for young requesters who are working to increase frequency of requests and protests using a variety of communication modes.


  • Literacy Plus: July 10-14th 12:30-3:30 pm (Tillsonburg)
    • Literacy Plus is designed for campers looking to build early literacy skills including phonological awareness, sound-letter correspondence, and transfer to print skills.


  • Partner Pals Plus: July 17-21st 8:30-11:30 am (Woodstock)
    • Partner Pals is designed for campers who are independently requesting, protesting and making comments; however, need some support initiating conversations and keeping the conversation going.


  • Speech Plus: July 17-21st 12:30-3:30 pm (Woodstock)
    • Speech Plus is designed for campers focused on articulation, phonology or motor speech goals.

Remediation Plus Reading Program

At Oxford Speech Plus, we have Speech-Language Pathologists and Communication Disorders Assistants trained and certified in the explicit, systematic Remediation Plus reading program. This program involves a comprehensive informal assessment to establish the reading and spelling level of your student and their eligibility for the program. Following this assessment, often students begin Remediation Plus with one of our trained clinicians on a twice-weekly basis (60 min. sessions).


Please note, the initial 35 min. (total time you are billed for) will be conducted with a SLP or CDA and last half of the session will often take place with a student or teacher. All sessions are conducted one-to-one in order to ensure that programming remains individualized. All sessions are supervised by Speech-Language Pathologists and therefore receipts for extended health benefits will be issued.


As the landscape for speech and language services is continually changing, we are so excited to now be offering on-line teletherapy! Teletherapy allows members of our team to connect with you and your family from the safety and comfort of your own home through an encrypted, online video-conferencing platform (Zoom). Through teletherapy, our team can provide the same informal assessment, treatment, and consultation services to best suit your needs. Articulation, motor speech, expressive language, understanding language, social communication, literacy (reading and writing), as well as parent training can be targeted through engaging activities, all available at the click of a button. Our creative team of therapists have created and found a variety of fun and intriguing activities to keep your child motivated while also accomplishing their unique therapy goals!


To find out if teletherapy would be a good option for you and your family, contact Oxford Speech Plus today!