COVID Update

The Government of Ontario has given Speech-Language Pathologists across the province the go-ahead to begin a gradual reopening of in-person therapy services. We are extremely excited to see our clients again; however, our office procedures (and our masks/shielded faces) will look quite different than you remember. We have always prioritized the safety of you, your child, and the Oxford Speech Plus team, and in these uncertain times, this is no different.

It is important to note that, at this time, the Government of Ontario is still strongly recommending Speech-Language Pathologists provide on-line telepractice as the primary method of service delivery due to the risks involved with in-person sessions. At this time, our therapists have been providing telepractice to a large number of Oxford Speech Plus families for two months and have found this to be an excellent and effective way of providing the same therapy services from the comfort of your own home.

In accordance with provincial guidelines, below you will find our new requirements for in-person therapy sessions as well as our commitment to you in order to make our clinic the safest environment possible.

What to Expect from US

  • Your therapist will ask both you and our client a series of Covid-19 screening questions before entering the building each time an appointment is attended (please see the Covid-19 Self-Assessment tool here: If the answer to any of these screening questions is “yes” then your appointment will be rescheduled to a later date and your cancellation fee will be waived
  • New posters will be placed around the clinic with Covid-19 screening questions
  • Your therapist will complete a “risk assessment” with you in order to determine if in-person sessions are in the best interest of your family member
  • Your therapist will be masked/have facial protection on at all times unless otherwise indicated (i.e. behind plexiglass)
  • If therapist is in close contact with you or your child (e.g. touching face or toys close to their mouths), your therapist will be required to wear disposable gloves
  • Your therapist will follow rigorous hand washing/sanitizing policies that are strictly adhered to
  • plexiglass barrier will hang between the client and therapist, with appropriate social distancing (i.e. 6 feet/2 meter distance) being adhered to at all times
  • Appointment times will be staggered to ensure social distancing is adhered to at all times and to limit the number of people entering and exiting the clinic
  • The therapy room (including the plexiglass), toys/games, washroom, and any furniture will be thoroughly disinfected between each client according to provincial guidelines
  • Doors will be locked in between appointments and if therapist does not see you arrive in the parking lot, you may need to text them with a simple “here” message
  • Online invoice payments will be encouraged

Our New Requirements from YOU

  • If a client or family member have ANY symptoms of Covid-19 or are ill, stay home and follow the instructions outlined by your local Public Health Unit
  • Only ONE client and ONE family member are allowed in the building at the time of the appointment
  • Handwashing or hand-sanitizing will be required upon entrance and exit into/out of the clinic
  • Family members are required to wear a mask and are encouraged to wear their own masks
  • At this time, toddlers, preschool children, and clients who are unable to tolerate a mask are not required to wear facial protection while receiving speech therapy services
  • School-aged children (4+) and the family member must wear a mask/facial protection at all times in the clinic unless otherwise specified by therapist
  • Follow social distancing guidelines (i.e. 6 feet/2-meter distance) in the clinic

Due to the requirements to keep you, your family, and our staff safe, we are only able to conduct a limited-number of in-person sessions at this point in time. If you are interested in returning to in-person sessions or beginning telepractice, please contact us to discuss the best option for you and your family. We look forward to working with you soon!